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A Family

When our 90-year-old mom lost her family caregiver, we decided to relocate her to Western North Carolina; a place she had never been. Our family gathered at her home to box up a lifetime of memories and interview real estate and property management professionals to develop a plan for mom's original home. We met with her banker and financial manager to make sure her financial affairs were in order and ready to be taken care of after the move.

Before she arrived, Barb and I visited dozens of assisted living and long term care facilities, spoke to residents' staff, residents and social workers to ensure her new home was a good fit. We researched Medicare and Medicaid and asked lots of questions. From there, we managed her medical care and her well-being for three happy last years. While she was with us, we took pleasure in looking out for her needs: finances, comfortable living space, and lots of caring and love. Every aging adult deserves the same.

When we decided to start Carolina Fiduciary Services, it was with two goals in mind: preserving the dignity of our aging population and offering comfort and peace to the families and friends of our clients.

We offer our clients daily money management, guardianship support, housing transition services and life events assistance.

We would be honored to help you and your family in these areas.


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