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A Family

Daily Money Management

Our approach:

Using our combined forty years of solid business experience, we'll work with you to create safe, confidential, and simple solutions for your everyday money management and life events.

Bill Payment

We will make sure that your bills are paid using your checks, signed by you (or online if you'd prefer). We will organize your bills to make sure your bills are paid on time and keep you informed of what you are paying every month.

Checks and Credit Card accounts

After our initial, complimentary meeting, we can review your checking and banking balances and, for example, any credit card accounts to make sure everything is in order. We can set up a personal report system for you using the latest software such as Quicken.

Mail Review

We will make it simple for you to collect all your mail in one place, as well as open and sort the important mail, throw away the "junk," and file the things you need in your own personal, safe files. We can help remove your name from unwanted solicitations and junk mailing lists.

Personal Banking

When you need to make deposits at your bank or resolve questions about your statements, we can help. With your express written authorization to your bank, we'll work with your bank to make sure you are getting the services you need, and resolve late fees or unauthorized charges. In addition, we will remind you about due dates, such as CD maturities, and confirm that your beneficiary designations are what you intended. We can assist the process of obtaining a safe deposit box rental as well.

Fiduciary Services

With your authorization, we can serve as your legal representative at your financial institutions.

Organization and maintenance of your files

Keeping up with all of your important documents such as insurance policies and car titles can get tricky We help you set up a document filing system that works and keeps it all in one place. No more searching for lost papers or wondering, "Now, where did I put that?"


When it comes to knowing what you have to spend on monthly bills, we can help. We'll ask you for a list of all your income and your bills and then prepare a personal guide or budget to help you stay on track each month. We can even recommend where you can save money by using a common sense approach to paying your monthly bills, like discounts for paying early or using available coupons or age-related discounts to save even more.

Fraud Review

We will be your eyes and ears to help protect you against fraud and deceit. By researching and reviewing people or places that ask for financial support, we can help you decide what's important to support, what's not, and translate the "fine print". We'll watch your accounts for unusual activity or suspicious solicitations.

Tax Documents

We can help you put together the documents and receipts that could be important at tax time, including deductible expenses, gifts to charities, taxes paid, and volunteer miles. We can work with your accountant to make sure your tax returns are prepared on time and/or help you catch up on needed tax information.

Negotiation with Creditors

There may be times when we need to help you arrange payment plans or work with your creditors to solve credit problems, misunderstandings, or to remove negative information from your credit report.

Connecting to Professionals You Might Need

We help you find professionals in our community to provide a variety of services, including services for seniors and for people with mental illness and other disabilities. The right folks can help you file your tax returns or provide legal and investment advice.

Medical Claims

Reviewing explanations of your benefits from your health insurance policy or working with Medicare or the insurance company can be frustrating. We can help.

Organizing Important Information in Case of Emergencies

We can create a binder of important personal information that you and your family might have to use in the case of a medical emergency, a community emergency event, a death in the family or other critical events. All your contact and important information in one place, such as names and contact information of insurance agents, doctors, health issues, and family members who "need to know."